Funds raised by Mexican Cryptocurrency "Bitso" to Aid Earthquake Victims in Mexico

People from all over the world are now aware of the tragic event that occurred in Mexico on September 7, 2017, when a strong earthquake shook the country, killing hundreds of people and making a huge effect financially to a number of Mexicans. A lot of their assets have been destroyed and it will be difficult for them to start again.

Mentioned on the trading platform of Bitso's blog, the company is asking for humble donations in BTC, XRP and ETH for 'Bitcoin Aids Mexico' fundraising activity. Bitso clarified that donations will be sent to the Mexico-based Red Cross and local crew Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlatelolco AC.

Bitso also promises that they will provide receipts that are countersigned by the Central Bank of Mexico proving that donations have been made. To raise awareness and popularity, and to target people from all around the globe, they have even made a hashtag, #BitcoinAidMexico
Jose Rodriguez Promises a Transparent Bitso Transaction

The company targets to take the funds on a weekly basis for a period of one month and will ensure that donations will be received by the correct institutions and with official receipts from the bank signed by the officials.

Bitso encourages everyone to donate and even stated that the amount of the donation does not matter at all. They started a pot money by donating $50,000 MXN but mentioned that they cannot make user donations tax deductible.

As per Rodriguez, Mexican pesos will be converted via third-party regulators. Also, according to Mexican Law, TIN XAXX010101000 will be used in order for the donations to be tagged as 'General Public Invoice.'

Recorded as Third Fundraising Activity Where Cryptocurrency was Used

Billionaire business tycoon from Antigua and Barbuda, Calvin Ayre, challenged the market by offering a match for BTC and BCH worth of donations to help the people of Barbuda who greatly suffered a huge loss because of typhoon Irma. A week before that, fundraising activity was initiated by the Crypto Show Broadcast that raised over $50,000 digital coin funds to aid the victims of the recent disaster in Texas.

We wish to support the aid for the victims of the earthquake, and to do this, we have attached the wallet addresses below. Your kind donations should be recognized by scanning the QR code or by manually entering the address.