Prediction: Bitcoin in 3 years

Bitcoin enthusiasts are trying to predict a realistic future for Bitcoin in the coming years.

An analyst namely Ronnie Moas estimates a 15000-20000 dollar value by the end of 2020 to independent views that aim at 1 million dollars per Bitcoin, which may seem impossible and outrageous.

The Bitcoin market is planning to capitalize over 80 billion dollars through the activation of early testing of lightning network and the SegWit protocol that SegWit enables. 50 percent of the whole crypto market is of Bitcoins market capitalization with a 1 percent increase in the gold estimate and a 7 trillion dollar market capital. Bitcoin has reached half of Visa's 200 billion capitals.



There has been a steady increase in the Bitcoins daily transaction numbers. According to Coinmarketcap, Bitcoins trading volume is about 400,000 BTC per day and only 1728 new Bitcoins are created each day through mining.

By the next half of 2020, the mined Bitcoins will drop from 1728 to 864. And by the middle of 2024, it will be further decreased to 432 new Bitcoins per day. In the year 2032, almost 99 percent of the all the Bitcoins (20,671,875) will have be mined. And the remaining 1.6 percent of it will be fought by people to get their hands on it.

One day, people will realize that all the Bitcoins have already been mined and there won't be enough Bitcoins to go around. The prices of Bitcoins are likely to climb accordingly when they will fear the missing of Bitcoins in the future. As the price is increasing like it has been rising this year, Bitcoins will reach around twenty thousand dollars by the next block reward by mid-2020.