New Era of Cryptocurrencies

In a Forbes interview, Laura Shin stated that an ICO is an asset that results from combining a cryptocurrency and a kick-starter campaign. This is a crowd-sale of a new token that offers the chance to make direct deals with investors of the same network"


The journey of cryptocurrencies began in 2010 with Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). These tokens are an opening to cryptocurrencies stock market today.


Every new cryptocurrency tries its best to offer the best deal to investors. With a system that gets closer every day to the stock market of fiat money and value papers.


Making an investment on a new cryptocurrency token demands a very profound study of the long-term advantages of the product. This analysis should offer some hard data on the background of the team inviting you to invest. No detail is too little to help you make a decision.


One of the biggest draws of any ICO opportunity is short-term earnings. Stratis a relatively new company in the field, experienced a market grow of 5000% over little more than 8 months.


Can this success be repeated? Analysts on the field are quick to agree that certain conditions favoured Stratis. The developers of the token were a team of front-runners and groundbreakers in their areas of expertise. They brought innovation to a known trade.


What would happen if some of the biggest brands right now made a move to blockchains? Today we have solid names like Ethereum, Tezos and getting closer to a high-end marketplace through BITCOMO. The company is a reputed brand with experience in advertising and a proven innovator.


The tendency of the market makes us ask the same questions: what will be the next cryptocurrency to hit it big? Which cryptocurrency would be the best investment? What should be the one overlooked? 


In any ICO study understanding the risks is always important. Innovations should always be considered. The trends set by brands like Ethereum, Tezos and are what made them the solid name they are today.


Blockchains systems are what made the growth of cryptocurrencies such a fast-growing business. They offer a decentralized platform for secure digital transactions. And as big as it has gotten is only about to get better, with the recent announcement of BITCOMO to develop new technology around the Decentralized Autonomous Organization initiative (DAO).


BITCOMO is one of the best innovators in the blockchain field. The system grants continual upgrades to its own internal protocols that allow it to run by itself. It makes verification on every transaction very easy, proving the preciseness of the code handling the transactions. And by default boosting the security of information for all parties involved.


BITCOMO needs funding top reach even higher with the development of DAO. So there is high chance of getting an ICO on their part very soon.


Their long-term view is their own growth alongside other ICO's in the future, which is not an easy goal to achieve.