More jobs available in the cryptocurrency market

Angel List is a site involved in the business of promoting startups. They recently have released a report indicating a steady rise on cryptocurrency jobs. Over the past 6 months, there has been an opening of 100% more jobs in the field. There is more demand for work related to cryptocurrency this year than any of the previous ones. This is a signal that the hiring market for cryptocurrency is much steadier than the currency itself. Bitcoin and other currencies are known for their fluctuations. Their performances depend on basic economic principles related to offer and demand. Some of them are on the rise and some of them stumble. The fact remains that there are more people who are needed to work on their platforms.

The catch to this news has nothing to do with the fact that there is an opening for people looking to work from home remotely. The big deal is that employees are being offered generous salaries. With a payment range that is 10 to 20% higher than other job offerings online. Of course, a basic set of skills is required to handle cryptocurrency. You should have the basic technical knowledge, to some degree of tech vocabulary. But there are plenty of position openings for creative types or administrative work in marketing and operations areas respectively.

The field of cryptocurrency is still on the rise despite being around for close to 8 years now. The field just represents a booming business, full of opportunities for many entrepreneurs. Most of them have the backing, the technology and the will to make their business work. And they need the workforce to make it happen. If you are looking to get into this industry there may be an opening for you. Even if you are on a short time-table. Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Coinbase revealed to Angel List that while they prefer a steady remote employee. They are open to paid internships of 6 months, so people can learn what is needed in the field.

If you are always looking for a change and want to make good money look to the future. Cryptocurrency is only getting started.