Bitcomo - The first platform where affiliate marketers connect

Bitcomo is a decentralized CPA network that uses affiliate marketing strategy with payment for a targeted action (Cost Per Action), with the basis of execution on the technological stack (S2S postback) on blockchain technology.

The exchange between advertisers and publishers is decentralized because of the transparency factor that can track the activities like clicking, leading, display and every action process by using immutable codes from the MetaHash operator (fork of Ethereum - ERC20). This is considered as one of the basic principle of protection against fraud and concealment of data of the actual transactions by advertisers or from unrealistic targeted bots in publisher traffic instead of real time users.

This principle is aimed at bringing a new level of trust in the relationship between publishers and advertisers in an online advertising forum, making it the most profitable model for partner marketing. CPA and lodo-generation is even more attractive for prominent advertisers and publishers due to its transparency feature for every action and transaction.

An added advantage is a surge in the profit which is guaranteed by the target income of the Publisher, which will instantly attract a large number of adherents of this model of partner marketing instead of the existing one which is implemented only on the basis of post-beaks.

With an increase in popularity with publishers, this model will attract the main traffic of Top Publishers to the Bitcomo ad network, and eventually the Top advertisers of all niches and industries.

Lead generation will impact the CPA model of the affiliate marketers with the payment strategy for the targeted action. This has become popular due to open, real as well as larger payments for real product sales, registration in resources, product downloads or any other targeted action, which is essential for the accurate result of the income leading to an accurate action, which remains the most profitable scheme of affiliate marketing for publishers and eventually for advertisers.

Many of the publishers today prefer the usual payment methods that is- on wire transfer, paypal or any other payment systems, a simple transfer of funds in the crypto currency.

The root causes of this are:

- Lack of money for withdrawal of funds
- Non-taxable system of mutual settlements
- Transparency of every transaction
- Analysis of how in CPA money is paid (without vague and unreasonable payments for impressions or for clicks on banners or ads, earnings from those which are considered lower in the standard for CPM or CPC model).
In this model of advertising campaign, publishers are content with the earnings for real results and are manually doing this business to optimize lead generation for advertisers. Only with the right targets and the right audiences, such devices can be made use of at the right time in order to create leads.
Bitcomo has the opportunity to independently develop the project, since they have an independent expertise in the field of managing the advertising projects who is one of the most successful CPA network in the world – AdCombo. They believe it to be fair to provide everyone with an opportunity to contribute to the development of this project and join the crypto revolution which will lead their industry in ensuring a 100% transparency.
After the investment period, the purchased tokens can be used as a source of passive income that can be spent on advertising campaigns or sold to the internal store of MetaHash tokens, which are our own blockchain providers. The frequency and transaction speed is more than 100,000 per second (which is hundreds of times faster than the existing blockchain market of Waves or Ethereum operators), created by their partner project and talented staff developers from AdSniper DSP. In this token store, "BM" token holders can exchange the tokens at any time for any type of crypto currencies.
By making it a decentralized organization, Bitcomo acts as a unique platform that helps in combining the prime principles of the DAO (digital decentralized autonomous organization).

The fundamental principle of decentralization in this platform is an open platform for the advertiser and the publisher to work independently and conduct business without any participation from the third parties or the staff of the organization.

Self serve platform is developed to increase the possibility for the advertisers (the Producer of goods or services, the Smart contract project or ICO) to manually offer the publishers with favorable conditions and targets with a list of branch offers that is most suitable for them and in order to optimize and maximize income and profits for them and eventually for the advertisers.

Distribution and description of the issue of "BM" token.
- MetaHash partner and provider of blockchains internal and external servers  helps in developing and distributing tokens between its holders, miners, and also between advertisers and publishers.
- Optionally, only official online transaction data, clicks and leads are logged, for the initial process.
- Anyone can download this software from their profile and verify the authenticity of transactions by fixing each encrypted data in the public and open code specifications by clicks and leads and by deploying this software on the server.
WM tokens in Percentage:
- 25% are distributed to the ICO in order to attract capital for the development of the network,
- They save 65% for distribution within the network - for payments to publishers and for sale on the internal store of a blockchain provider.
- 10% are divided between advisers and founders (in fact, they remain on the company's balance sheet and will be listed on the stock exchanges as well)
Token pricing BM:
- Total amount of BM is 500 million
- Price of 1 token is $ 0.30
- Post ICO, the price at which BM will be paid to publishers will be based on the exchanges in the store and on stock exchanges, and the guaranteed price of the token will start from $ 0.40 (previously saved up to 65%)

Decentralization of the ICO management

Along with the exchange of the product token and the possibility of using the benefits of the BITCOMO network, ICO participants and investors were given the opportunity to participate in the management of the network, to influence the specific stages of the network development and to participate in resolving any open disputable issues and steps that were focused only on the development of the network.
This feature is placed in the ICO’s internal platform of the page, and on the platform of the token store and there will be a form of an open vote option.
In order to maximize the DAO model, the development team introduced decentralization to management of the company.

Caution is given to the holders of tokens and investors while conducting or starting an open vote for the adoption of any large-scale decision in the management of the organization or if any disputable situation arises.

Proposals for voting of the project organizers, is led by the Bitcomo team. But they provide the guarantee of the implementation of the development according to the Road Map and on the basis of majority voting.
This voting model is also implemented on the basis of MetaHash operator's blockchain and our main partner project company, according to the principle of confirmation of the token holder which is done in 3 simple steps:
- During voting, a transaction is conducted to verify the user in the amount of 0.0001 BM of the token
- Their opinion is taken into consideration
- Tokens will be returned back automatically to the wallet of the voter.

Bitcomo ICO Info

Symbol: BM
Total amount: 500 million
Sales total: $ 37.5
Token price: $ 0.30
BM will be tradable on exchanges and in our own Token store platform. We are currently in discussion with Bittrex, CoinOne and Huobi.