Bitcoin Scammers Target Hurricane Irma Victims

Fake websites that convince people to enter their information and make them give away their Bitcoins are increasing day by day. These websites resort to phishing campaigns targeting people who were severely affected by hurricane Irma, across the parts of Caribbean and Florida. 

Athena Bitcoin, a Chicago-based Bitcoin ATM published the scam of the existing phishing campaigns in a Reddit post. Through this scam, people will receive a phishing email supposed to be from Blockchain warning them that Florida's company server and bitcoins may be at risk and irretrievable. This scam email instructs the victim to transfer their Bitcoins to a brand new address and a server in Ontario, Canada. 

This address is most likely to be controlled by the scammers, even though it is not clear as to who they are. A permanent loss of fund is the result of sending those Bitcoins. 

After investigation, the address contained no funds. And it has been concluded that nobody took the bait and given the nature of the scam, the scammers used the address for a single use and intended for the email recipient only.

Patrick Patton, the spokesperson of Athena Bitcoin said, the losses due to scams in digital currency should be considered important and there is a learning curve to the digital currency. He also considers it unfortunate that disasters coincides with inexcusable ways to avoid fraud by using various methods of payment.

This is not the first time phishing is done to victims resulting to Bitcoins, they have tried to turn blockchains clout into a threatening weapon. There are various stories on Reddit resulting to losing of funds. 

The victims can login to inform about any phishing emails or spam they receive.

According to a Blockchain spokesperson, they have a team that is hard working and helpful when the community need them.

Be careful if you are on the World Wide Web holding Bitcoins.